Renal Stent Removal

Kidney stent removal is a simple and short procedure. The stent is removed using a cystoscope by using local anesthesia. At times the renal stent can be left such that the thread attached to the lower end is stayed outside the body through the patient’s urethra. The doctors can easily remove these stents by simply pulling of the thread.

Either one or both the ends of the stent may be coiled in order to prevent it from moving out of the place. This type of stent is called a JJ stent or a double stent or a pig tail stent. So a stent is a specially designed hollow tube placed inside the ureter. It is generally made up of a flexible plastic material. This helps in temporarily relieve the patient of his pain. The top end of the stent is coiled in the kidney and the lower end coils inside the bladder. They are made flexible in order to bear any physical body movement.
renal stent removal
The urinary system consists of the kidneys, the ureter, the bladder and the urethra. The urine made in the kidney needs to be carried till the bladder by a fine muscular tube like structure called a ureter. The bladder serves as a reservoir for the urine and stores it till it is emptied through the urethra. At times the ureter gets blocked which stops the proper flow of the urine. There are various factors leading to this. These can be kidney stone, narrowing of the ureter, some disease of the prostrate. Kidney stones are fragments that can move into the ureter and hence block the passage for urine. Narrowing of the ureter walls can be caused by the scarring of the walls of the ureter.It can also be caused temporarily because of some insertion of an instrument. At times it may also because of some sort of a prostrate disease in the patient.

Whenever there is an obstruction in the flow of the urine from the urethra, the pressure builds up inside the patient’s kidney, which can cause kidney damage leading to a case of renal failure in the concerned patient. The obstruction can also cause the deposition and stagnation of the urine inside the person’s body, leading to renal infection and also further damage to the kidneys. It is, hence very important to remove or prevent any kind of obstruction of the kidney.

For renal stent removal, the cause of the of the blockage is removed and then the ureter is healed after that. A renal stent or an uteral stent is a thin tube that is inserted into the ureter in order to prevent or treat the obstruction of the urine flow from the kidney. The length of the stent that is used in the adult patients may vary between 24 to 30 cm in length. The stents also come in various forms and varieties to fit the different sized ureters. The stents are usually inserted into a patient with the help of a cyctoscope.

Renal Stent Removal
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