Renal Stent Complications

Possible Complications due to the placement of renal stent
Renal Stent placement is a very safe procedure to remove blockages in the Ureter. This operation is harmless and not at all painful but many complications might crop up due to negligence on the part of the patient or the doctor. The complications that generally occur are as follows :-

  • Forgotten stent : This is a serious issue as the stent placed inside the body needs regular monitoring. The stent can’t be left inside the artery for very long periods of time. It needs to be placed periodically or whenever it is appropriate. Leaving a stent inside the body can pose serious health hazards.
  • Fistulization : This is the rarest but the most dangerous kind of complication that can develop. In this the Stent itself erodes into the arterial system. Because of this, large amount of Haematuria to the point of total failure of the circulation might occur. The reason for development of this complication is extensive pelvic surgery and irradiation.

  • Stent Fracture : The environment inside the ureter is very hostile for the stent as urine contains large amount of mildly acidic solutions. Although unlikely, there could be possibility of the stent fracture if not replaced or removed in time, become brittle and fracture thus becoming useless and prove to be a dangerous foreign particle inside the body.

Stent Fracture

  • Encrustation : Within the limitations of current technology, no Stent is inert to the urinary tract. The structure of the stent provides a good ground for the deposition of the constituents of the urine on the stent. Over time, this deposition will block the stent itself. This will result in the stent becoming useless and it will behave as a blockage which it was supposed to remove.
  • Inadequate Relief of Obstruction: As the name suggests, this is a complication which develops when the renal stent fails to impart relief from the constriction in the artery. In short term this might be a result of blockage of the stent due to the change in viscosity of the urine or haematuria which is related to the technique.
  • Migration : This is something which the patient should be ready for as Migration of the stent can occur anytime. This is because the stent is in an environment where constant flow of urine takes place and it can force the stent to drift from its position. This complication is not something that will definitely occur but it is the most common because of the negligence of the patient.
  • Malposition : This is a complication related to the wrongly placed renal stent in the ureter. A wrongly placed stent will always be ineffective and create complications related to inefficiency of the stent. This complication also occurs when the length of the stent is not accurate. When the length is shorter than it should be.
  • Urinary Tract Infection : This Renal Stent Complication may develop due to the instrumentation of the blood vessel which was earlier sterile and unaffected by the foreign elements. In some cases, the patients already have an infection in their urinary tract but the operation is performed. This leads to the further infection of the already weak urinary tract.
Renal Stent Complications
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