Renal Artery Stent

Renal Artery Stent, as the name suggests, is used for treatments related to Kidney disorders. There are different types of these artificial tubes. There is one type which is used in the Ureter (the tube that carries urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder) to treat any kind of blockage. To stop the stent from drifting from its place, it has got coils in the two ends. Whenever the doctor sees the necessity to use a stent to treat the patient, a complete medical imaging analysis of the patient is carried out. This study is conducted to understand he network of the blood vessels around the kidneys of the patient. Along with this, an Angiogram is performed. This is a method in which a dye is used to trace the path of the flow of blood through the network.

The operation carried out on the patient to place the renal Stent in place is done by keeping the patient under the influence of an anaesthetic. One thing must be ensured by the patient that his medical history is something that is completely familiar to the doctor. There should be no such conditions of the patient that make the placement of the Stent in the body contradictory to them thus rendering stent placement not advisable. The doctor should tell the patient what kind of a stent is going to be placed inside him. Special care is required to be taken on the part of the patient after the Stent has been placed inside the body.
renal artery stent
It is the duty of the patient to ask the doctor for instructions on the subject. For example, there generally occur clots around the stents in the long run so a specific medication course is required to be taken. This must be followed strictly by the patient so; he should ask the doctor for instructions for the same. Along with care, periodic examination of the patient is very essential so the patient should be regular in his visits. These examinations ensure that the stent has not drifted from its place which can create severe complications.

Those who suffer from peripheral vascular conditions and hypertension have obstructive renovascular diseases prevalent in them. A number of publications are there on the topic of renal stents telling us about the technical success, low rates of complications and the rates of re-stenosis after the use of renal stents. But, at the same time, the ability to re-vascularise to salvage or improve the functioning of the kidneys by the treatment has not been demonstrated by all these favorable reports. Since there is a lack of simple methods to examine how each of the kidneys is performing under normal circumstances when paired naturally to the body therefore, one can not tell what is the effect of placing a renal stent in the body? This proves as a major hindrance to the study of the process.

**Any kind of artificial tube which is placed inside the body in place of the natural passage is called as Stent. This is done in order to prevent or counteract a localized constriction in the body vessels.

Renal Artery Stent
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