Renal Stent

A renal stent is designed for the use in treatment of kidney problems. Renal stents are of various types. One of the types of renal stent is designed to provide treatment for blockages in the ureter. Ureter is the tube

Renal Artery Stent Procedure

Renal stenting is a catheter based procedure. The catheter acts as a guide to place the stent in the renal artery to open a narrowing or blockage. Stents come in a variety of strengths, sizes, and other properties. Stent selection

Renal Artery Stent Placement

A synthetic wire mesh tube is placed inside the renal artery to prevent the narrowing of the blood vessel. This in turn helps to check the low supply of blood to any organ which the artery with a constriction serves.

Renal Stent Removal

Kidney stent removal is a simple and short procedure. The stent is removed using a cystoscope by using local anesthesia. At times the renal stent can be left such that the thread attached to the lower end is stayed outside

Renal Stent Procedure

Renal stent procedure A stent is a kind of specially designed hollow tube that is placed inside the ureter. It is normally made up of a flexible plastic material. This often helps to relieve the patient of his pain. The

Renal Stent Placement

Renal stent placement is done to treat blockages in the ureter. A renal stent is held at place with coils that are placed on both its ends. When it is felt by a doctor that a patient needs a renal

Renal Artery Stent

Renal Artery Stent, as the name suggests, is used for treatments related to Kidney disorders. There are different types of these artificial tubes. There is one type which is used in the Ureter (the tube that carries urine from the

Renal Stent Complications

Possible Complications due to the placement of renal stent Renal Stent placement is a very safe procedure to remove blockages in the Ureter. This operation is harmless and not at all painful but many complications might crop up due to

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